Sofyan Hospitality

Development of Islamic Business in the world has stimulated business people to make implementation sharia on system management one of them is hotel management, PT Sofyan Hotels has able to prove that sharia management has given good impact to hotel revenue and corporate culture, by this fact, PT Sofyan Hotels Tbk in June 21, 2007 established strategic business unit namely “ PT Sofyan Hotels Management & Consultant.”

For over 13 years, PT Sofyan Hotels Tbk is experienced in managing hotel with sharia system. So PT Sofyan Hotel Management & Consultant opened opportunities for individual or institution who have interest to build a hotel with principles of sharia, or change their hotel management system to sharia concept.
In the coorporation, PT Sofyan Hotels Management & Consultant based on partnership system so business relationship are created as partner in the promising time. Management systems are integrated from physical development to human resources or partially in managing system based on principles of sharia.

Being a full service management company provides PT Sofyan Hotel Management Consulting with the ability to service any needs or functions requested by our clients. The scope of services which we provided to our clients include:

1. Operations Studies
2. Pre Development Planning
3. Project Budgeting
4. Project Administration and Supervision
5. Market Research and Analysis
6. Design Review and Analysis
7. Pre Opening Staffing and Training
8. Pre Opening sales and Marketing
9. Site Selection Analysis
10.Feasibility Studies
11.Supply and Demand Analysis
12.Purchasing of Furniture Fixtures and 13.Equipment
14.Energy Conservation Program

Management and Administrative
1. Personel Recruiting
2. Staff Training
3. Internal Controls
4. On-site Supervision
5. Food and Beverage Management
6. Management Information Sharia

1. Develop and Implement Marketing Strategies
2. Market Research and Analysis
3. Sales Staff Recruiting
4. Sales Staff Training
5. Public Relation
6. Advertising Program
7. International Tour and travel Representation

1. Financial Planning
2. Forecasting
3. Budgeting
4. Income Statement Preparation