In 1991 the corporation diversified to other supporting field such as design, contruction engineering, and project management. Then together with “Brook-shire Hotels” Washington D.C., U.S.A., established a joint operation Sofyan Brookshire Hotels. The Sofyan Brookshire’s team has hands on experience in hotel management from smaller to medium size operations such as Betawi Sofyan Hotel in Jakarta, Best Wester Hotel in Raleigh, North Carolina and Howard Johnsons, in USA, to larger more visible properties such Radisson hotel in New York, Holiday Inn Southbend in Indiana and Hiltons in USA.

In line with the root of values and culture from the founder Drs. Sofyan Ponda, Sofyan Hotels consistenly uses modern management principles, yet preserving valued and teaching that were inherited to its founder. “ the Original Sofyan’s” charcter and ambienceof the hospitality industry that are accepted guests, welcomed by market, and recognized by the Nasional Sharia Council of Indonesia, as the first Sharia Hotel in Indonesia, July 2003.

The strength of Sofyan Hotels lies in its people. The depth of the personnel provide the company with expertise in all facets of hotel operations. We grow and develop the organization with respect to the limits of human resources and their strength, commitment and enthusiasm.

We balance the abdolute hospitality requirements of quality service and with essential fiscal controls and marketing programs that create value and focus on increasing our assets worth, while being sensitive to the needs of ownership, community, guests, and staff. The strengths behind our commitment is Sofyan Hotels’ motto, "performance through integrity and professionalism".