"SofyanHospitality Crescenrating" is a joint co-operation between PT. Sofyan Hotels Management and Consultancy and Crescenrating Pte. Ltd., in supporting Global travelers who are concerns with safety, quality and Sharia based management systems.

Our services offer:

  1. SofyanHospitality Crescentrating of Hotels Get your Hotel Crescentrated and listed on the world’s leading travel portal for Muslim travelers.
  2. SofyanHospitality Crescentrating of theme Parks, Hospitals & Shopping Malls Get you services and facilities Crescentrated and listed on the world’s leading travel portal for Muslim Travelers.
  3. Become a member of the Partner network of SofyanHospitality Crescentrating’s Halal Friendly Travel Agents/Operators Join the partner network of Travel agents and operators able to provide tour packages for Muslim travelers and get your tour packages listedon crescentrating.com
  4. Training on how to cater to Muslim Hotel Guest Train your staff on understanding the needs of the muslim travelers and how to cater to them.
  5. Training on Sharia compliant Hotel operations (Sofyan Hotels Management & Consultancy) Train operation departments on how to setup and operate a hotel catering to the needs of the Muslim Travelers.
  6. Market awareness workshops/training

Being a full service management company provides PT Sofyan Hotels Management Consultant with the ability to service any needs or functions requested by our clients. The scope of services which we provided to our client include:


  1. Operations Studies
  2. Pre Development Planning
  3. Project Budgeting
  4. Project Administration and Supervision
  5. Market Research and Analysis
  6. Design Review and Analysis
  7. Pre Opening Staffing and Training
  8. Pre Opening Sales and Marketing
  9. Site Selection Analysis
  10. Feasibility  Studies
  11. Supply and Demand Analysis
  12. Purchasing of Furniture Fixtures and
  13. Equipment
  14. Energy Conservation Program

Management and Administrative

  1. Personal Recruiting
  2. Staff Training
  3. Internal
  4. On-site Supervision
  5. Food and Beverage Management
  6. Management Information Sharia System


  1. Development and Implement Marketing Strategies
  2. Market Research and Analysis
  3. Sales Staff Recruiting
  4. Sales Staff Training
  5. Public Relation
  6. Advertising Program
  7. International Tour and Travel Representation


  1. Financial Planning
  2. Forecasting
  3. Budgeting
  4. Income Statement Preparation