HDFJ and Sofyan Hotels Indonesia to Promote Shariah Compliant Tourism Between Japan and Indonesia

05-02-2014, 01:52:01

HDFJ and Sofyan Hotels Indonesia to promote Shariah compliant tourism between Japan and Indonesia
Report by: MOHAMMAD Zubair
E-Mail: edzubair@hdfj.org
From right, Mr. RiyantoSofyan, Chairman Shariah Compliant Sofyan Hotels Indonesia, Mr. Lukmanul Hakim the Director LPPOM MUI, Mr. AmidhanShaberah, the Chairman MUI and Mr. Idrisno Madjid, President HDFJ Incorporated during a MoU signing ceremony held in Tokyo at Japan National Press Club on 22 January.
(Tokyo-30 January 2014) Halal Development foundation Japan Incorporated, the HDFJ and PT Sofyan Hotels Management & Consultants, theShariah compliant SofyanHotels Indonesia signed Memorandum of Understanding to work together in development and promotion of Sharia complaint tourism between Japan and Indonesia. The agreement reached during recent visit to Japan by Mr. RiyantoSofyan, the Chairman of Sofyan Hotels and Chairman of ShariahHotels and Restaurant Association Indonesia. He was on a weeklong visit to Tokyo along with MajelisUmala Indonesia MUI and LPPOM MUI executives to participate in the Global Halal Seminar, organized by HDFJ at Japan National Press Club, Tokyo on 22 January 2014.

HDFJ Incorporated develops and promotes Halal Food & Drug, Halal Economy, Halal Technology, Halal Tourism and Halal Hospitality in Japan. The services also cover such as facilitation of Halal certification, branding, consultation, exhibitions, seminars, standardization and Halal Trade Development.

PT Sofyan Hotels Management & Consultantsfocussed on providing solution for Sharia compliant hotel operating systems, such as SOP, Policy and Guidelines, Operating Manuals and Training Programs that are certified by National Sharia Council of MajleesUlama of Indonesia, ISO 9001-2008, Halal Certification Body of Indonesia, the Assessment Institute for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics, the Indonesian Council of Ulama (LPPOM MUI) under the brand SofyanHospitality.

“Halal tourism market is untapped in Japan and there are countless opportunities to develop and increase number of Muslim tourists to Japan. HDFJ is determined to promote Halal Tourism in Japan and for this reason we are now in co-operation of Sofyan Hotels Indonesia which is using one of the best Shariah compliant Systems. Our co-operation is to focus on increasing the number of Indonesian tourists to Japan”. Mohammad Zubair, vice president of HDFJ said.

“To increase number of Muslim tourists from around the world and especially from Indonesia, there is a need to create Muslim friendly environment in Japan. Availability of Shariah compliant Hotels and restaurant would attract Muslims tourists. Not only Halal foods and Halal beverages, Muslim friendly wash rooms and space for prayers are essential for Shariah compliant hospitality”. Mr.RiyantoSofyan said.

Through mutual co-operation with Sofyan Hotels, HDFJ is planning number of workshops and seminar in Japan to increase awareness about Shariah compliant Hotels and restaurants.
From right, Mr.RiyantoSofyan receiving bouquet from HDFJ President Mr. Idrisno Madjid upon his arrival in Tokyo.
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