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Press Release

23 Jan 2013, Tokyo



Halal Development Foundation Japan Incorporated, the HDFJ hold a Global Halal Seminar at Japan National Press Club in Tokyo on January 22, 2014. In one of the most attended Seminar, main speakers were from MajlisUlama Indonesia MUI, LPPOM the Halal certifying management body of Indonesia and executive of Sharia Compliant Sofyan Hotel of Indonesia. At the opening ceremony, MajlisUlama Indonesia and HDFJ signed a MoU, confirming their deep cooperation and working relation. Chairman of Sofyan Hotel also signed a MoU with HDFJ to jointly work with HDFJ to promote Sharia Compliant tourism and hospitality in Japan and Indonesia. MUI and HDFJ decided to cooperate in certifying Halal Products of Japan and promoting awareness about Halal and Islamic values.

More than 170 representatives of Japanese Food & Beverages industries, tourism sector, Hotel & Restaurant sector, Japanese ministries, financial institutions and research groups participated in the seminar.

Vice President of HDFJ Mr. Mohammad Zubair presented outcome of 2nd OIC Halal Middle East Congress held in Sharjah U.A.E in December 2013. He emphasizing on Japanese opportunities in the global halal market and urged Japanese foods, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and tourism industries to avail untapped opportunities in the world of Halal.

Chairman Economy & Halal Products, MajlisUlama Indonesia Drs. AmidhanShaberahpresented a comprehensive view of Indonesian Halal economy. “Republic of Indonesia is one of the most populous Muslim countries and it is great opportunity for Japanese industries to explore remarkable chances in Indonesian Halal market” Mr. Amidhan said.

Mr. Lukmanul Hakim, the Director LPPOM MUI, explained about the importance and process of Halal Certification. “Indonesian people like Japanese foods and other products but without Halal Certification they cannot eat or drink even if the foods or beverages are delicious and healthy” Mr. Lukman stressed. Talking about growing Indonesian economy, he explained that the market is expanding with a fastest pace which is a great opportunity for the Japan.

Speaking at the seminar, Chairman Sofyan Hotels Mr. RiyantoSofyan presented an outline of Sharia Compliant Hotel. Sofyan Hotels in Indonesia are one of the bets Halal Hotels, Sharia Compliant and certified Hotel chain. “HalalProducts and Services are one of the next big global growth opportunities.Understanding their unique lifestyle (of Muslims) choices is the key to tap into this lucrative market”. Mr. RiyantoSofyan said.

MajliseUlama Indonesia, Sofyan Hotels and HDFJ agreed on cooperating to promote Halal Industries including tourism and hospitality.  In middle of February 2014, HDFJ is to announce strategy and plan for the promotion of Halal Hotels, Restaurants and tourism in Japan.

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