DR. Surahman Hidayat, MA


He was born in Ciamis on July 3, 1957. He completed his doctoral education in 2000 from Sharia Faculty, THe University of Al-Azhar, Egypt. Now, he is a lecturer in several colleges. These colleges are : Postgraduated program at UIN of Jakarta, Bandung National Institute of Islam (IAIN), the University of Ibnu Khaldun, Bogor.

He is active in various organizations such as: Expert Staff of the Center of Sharia Consultancy. Sharia Consultant in PKPU, Head of Research Section in LP2S Al-Haramain, Jakart, and others. He has been a speaker in various seminar forums, disscusions and correspondent in the morning news in severak TV stations.



Hafizuddin Ahmad, Lc


He was born in Padang Panjang, on May 23, 1971. He completed his undergraduate degree in Faculty of Sharia, the University of Imam Malik Muhammad Ibnu Saud of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1997.

He is active as a lecturer in several Islamic studies institutions, Arabic Language and a lecturer in AKPER ABDI Nusantara and STIE Trinandra. Currently , he is the Chairman of Amal Mulia Foundation.