Vision & Mision


To be a leading World Class Hotel


  1. To operate and develop ‘halal’ products and service for the hotel. Provide fabulous benefit for the guest, society and envinronment. This hotel offers attractive, marvelous places with a comfortable lifestyle which could be enjoyed by everyone.
  2. To achieve level return of investment while maintaining a healthy and sustainable growth rate. 3. To expand and introduce this company as a franchise on hotel management with investors.


Each step taken in Sofyan Hotelsmust be made with full responsibility to preserve the Sofyan Hotel’s commitment guided by ‘noble orientation’.

By preserving the commitment in such way, the profit will be more than just material gain. And this commitment, in turn, will also enchance long term profitability, and inter generational equity, therefore the corporation strive to comply with the Islamic principles of



1. Enlightment (Al – Wahyu)

2. Wisdom and Professionalism (Al – Ihsan)

3. The Spirit to Excel (Al – Mujahadah)



True Ultimate Orientation Dedication

Professional Team Work Straightforward Humble

Strong Determination Raced in Goodness Dynamic Excel